Causative Diagnosis and Treatment with Dowsing and Vibrational Medicine

2 hours | £200 (Initial session)

1 hour | £100

Dowsing is the process of vibrational diagnostics through the connection of two people's energies (in person or remotely), channelling responses under the guidance of your soul and body's subconscious intelligence.

I am able to identify trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, unresolved traumas, energetic blocks, toxins and complete an in-depth full energetic body analysis. This is useful in discovering the root cause of your problems and to create a treatment plan that complements the energetic needs of your mind, body and soul. 

While there is no limit to what you can ask and enquire about when dowsing with our energy and soul, the route and depth of investigations carried out is determined by what your higher self is wishing to communicate, reveal and release to heal. We can always come back to specific issues, imbalances or trapped emotions that are not yet ready to be healed later on.

You will need to complete and return a comprehensive questionnaire prior to your initial session. 

dowsing energy diagnosis

Heart Healing Coaching Programme

12 weeks | £600

We will go on a journey to discover parts of your emotional memory which have been suppressed or stuck in a cycle of pain and trauma. 


Heart healing nurtures our most sacred energy system of the body and soul; releasing old wounds, destructive behaviours, limiting beliefs and trapped energy. 


Emotional traumas, no matter how small, if left unresolved can manifest physically within the body and mind. This can be anything, any symptom or diagnosed condition. Low self worth, fibromyalgia, infertility, acne, IBS, endometriosis or lupus. All symptoms and diseases can have an unprocessed emotional root cause. 


If you heart feels heavy, you are unable to break toxic patterns or you are experiencing issues with anxiety, depression, skin problems, physical pain, disconnection, apathy or indeed chronic illness with any symptom, you are likely experiencing an emotional response to trauma. 


Most of the time we are unable to identify the source of our suffering and we don't have to. We can heal our hearts and reprogramme our cellular memories to release these destructive frequencies subconsciously with just a few simple steps.


This programme is non-invasive, we do not need to revisit painful memories or traumas. You do not need to do this to heal. Your body and heart stores every single memory and emotional response from your lifetime in your subconscious, your trauma response (symptoms) is your attempt to release this pain. By identifying an emotional need and carrying out self healing we open up our hearts to the deepest form of healing on every level. 



Over the course of 12 weeks we will explore your emotional body and heal the most affecting heart issues you're experiencing. You will learn to connect deeper with yourself on both a physical and spiritual level, strengthen your intuition and bring a greater sense of harmony back in to your body, mind, heart and soul that will radiate out in to the rest of your life.


Your transformation will not only reduce your symptoms, you will gain an enormous amount of compassion for yourself. This drives forward our healing as we can only heal from unconditional love. If loving yourself feels impossible right now, this programme is even more important for you. Without self compassion and love we are unable to experience unconditional joy, peace and purpose. 

Included in your investment:

- Weekly Zoom calls for support and guided healings

- Emotional health assessment

- Holistic health consultation

- Personalised heart healing practices

- Personalised meditation recording 

- Your personalised Heart Healing Box worth over £140 including crystals, essential oils and a personal journal. 

To find out more click here or to book your free introductory consultation please email or follow the link below. 


Skin Healing Coaching Programme

12 weeks | From £450

Our emotions govern our entire bodily systems as well as the thoughts in our mind and connect us to the deepest inner guidance of our soul. Anger, shame, guilt, resentment, jealousy, fear and low self worth are all emotions which can present physically as skin issues and weaken your connection with your higher self. Often we feel shame and low self worth as a consequence of skin issue too, so it can cause this cycle to go on and on for years without healing these root causes. Just like a chemical detox, we must release our toxic emotions, heal traumas and negative beliefs and reestablish our spiritual connection in order to finally heal our skin and the way we show up to the world. 

Emotional and spiritual healing takes time but it restores your relationship with yourself, your belief in your ability to heal and trust your inner guidance. This deep healing has a profound effect on your physical body's innate capacity to heal and to restore and maintain homeostasis. Regular practice of emotional and spiritual self healing also significantly increases your stress threshold to future trauma and toxins. 

I offer a bespoke skin healing programme which includes:

- An in-depth consultation and history

- Causative diagnosis with dowsing assessment and report

- Deep emotional and spiritual healings

- Energetic clearing of toxic beliefs and trapped emotions

- Holistic nutrition and lifestyle protocol

- Your skincare detox plan

- Personalised meditation recording

- Weekly reviews

- Your bespoke holistic skin healing gift box including crystals, essential oils and natural skincare worth over £200

To find out more or to book your free introductory consultation please email or follow the link below. 


Holistic Wellness Consultation & Personalised Plan

90 Minutes |  £275

During your holistic wellness consult your unique health and wellbeing needs will be discussed as we explore issues of the mind, body, heart and soul, identifying the energetic root cause. A compassionate, heart-led intuitive approach will be taken to reveal your energy story and a personalised wellness plan will be created and sent to you after the session. 


Your bespoke wellness plan will include your specific mind-body type profile and any recommended nutrition, supplements, essential oils, health practices  and lifestyle advice. 

*Payment is only refundable if appointment is cancelled with at least 48 hours notice.

Angelic Healing Practitioner Training
Intensive Course |  £333

As spiritual empaths and energy alchemists, our divine gift is to feel in order to heal. Our higher purpose is to guide others through their healing with our intuitive wisdom and light. Angelic healing is the ultimate soul alchemy for universal healing. 

This healing modality was shown as a way of making that unique and powerful connection back to the light, it is our divine right to walk in the light as fully empowered and compassionate beings. 

I invite you to connect with your heart and step in to your light to become an intuitive lightworker and healer with my guidance and mentorship.

Whether you intend on practicing with paid clients or simply giving healings to yourself and loved ones, this training will give you everything you need to get started.

You do not need existing experience in healing or holistic therapies, just a curiosity for energy work, spiritual growth and inner healing!

Click here for more information on the course and what's included.

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Angelic Reiki Energy Healing
1 hour |  £60

Angelic Reiki Healing is an energy healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes with the subtle energy bodies to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. As a certified Advanced Angelic Reiki Practitioner, I help clients reduce their stress and anxiety, emotional trauma, physical illness and injury among other ailments. There is virtually no condition energy healing cannot treat and is safe for babies and animals too.

Your body and spiritual field has seven main energy systems which are called chakras. These energy systems are affected by external, emotional, physical and mental factors and can become tired, irregular or even over-stimulated which is adverse for your optimal health and wellbeing. Reiki healing works with your chakras and subtle energy bodies to balance these energy systems and restore homeostasis (balance) in the body. 

Distance healing is available and works on the same energetic principles that energy travels beyond time and space, therefore providing healing and therapeutic energy no matter where you are. The healing reduces internal stress responses and enables your innate healing systems to become stimulated and enhanced. This truly holistic therapy improves mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing in addition to improving the rate of recovery from trauma and disease. 

I often use crystals and essential oils and other natural high frequency tools in my treatments to enhance the healing experience.

*Payment is only refundable if appointment is cancelled with at least 48 hours notice.

Reiki Treatment