'A truly life changing experience, and one that was not anticipated. Having visited a Harley Street skin specialist, who told me he would clear it in a week, it got progressively worse, to the point that it had spread across my face and neck (I had never had dermatitis before). A friend described it as looking as though someone had thrown boiling water over me. I had not researched Reiki, just went for what I thought would be relaxing; it was but so much more. Within weeks my skin condition was 95% better, and continues to be so 2 years on. I have given permission for Alice to show the awful story of my skin, with several photos submitted. So , just relax, believe and go with it.... Rid yourself of any preconceptions, sceptical comments by others, and see what happens. By the way, I am still a very busy Designer, working across the UK, and still in touch with Alice on a regular basis! Alice is gifted and truly amazing. Don't miss the opportunity of her genuine gift of help and healing.'


Susie, 74, Herefordshire UK  (energy healing for Severe dermatitis, rosacea, plus many internal conditions)

'Alice is a beautiful soul and natural healer. Through Reiki, she helped me find clarity and peace after suffering from chronic anxiety. I honestly couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have guide me back to my happiest, healthiest self. I was so impressed with the way Alice went above and beyond to help me understand my reading and provide reassurance. I felt very relaxed and safe with Alice, her space was lovely and she has a beautiful, gentle energy'.


Sally, 25, Brighton UK  (energy healing for anxiety)

'The sessions were always beautiful and professional, where I experienced massive energy shifts and release. I am just always eternally grateful to Alice and all that she does. Her ability to hold space and heal and her warmth and compassion shines so brightly. Her gifts are many and I find so much comfort with all that she shares with the world. All our sessions were always consistently peaceful and beautifully profound. Thank you Alice'. 


Emily Powell-Aubrey, 46, Hereford UK  (energy healing, AromaTouch and intuitive higher guidance coaching for chronic fatigue and emotional trauma)

'Alice is just incredible, she has the most loving, warm energy and makes you feel so comfortable. I completed the Angelic Healing training with Alice and I absolutely loved it, she is so supportive goes above and beyond to help you every step of the way. I am know confident to put everything I’ve learnt into Practice. Alice is such a beautiful and inspirational soul, I feel so lucky to have been supported by Alice on my spiritual journey, I couldn’t ask for a better trainer to guide me through the Angelic Energy Healing course'. 


Hana Evans, 26, Hereford UK  (Angelic Practitioner Training)

'The aromatouch therapy treatment I received from Alice was truly wonderful and unlike any massage/ body treatment I have ever had before. It was incredibly relaxing and I felt completely light on my feet, glowing and stress-free as a result of it. At the time I was going through a particularly stressful time personally and the treatment was absolutely perfect for making me have time to myself and I really felt like it gave my body and mind strength and a chance to breathe again. The aroma of the oils as well as Alice's very calm manner made such a relaxing atmosphere. I didn't expect the massage to be so light to the touch. I have never received a massage quite like it- I literally felt like I was walking on air afterwards and that my body had been completely nourished inside and out. It was and has been since, the only time I have ever let someone touch my feet without wanting to kick out or have a negative reaction- I was completely relaxed and I would definitely recommend it to anyone'.


Jane, 39, Bath UK  (AromaTouch therapy for stress)

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'I instantly felt a release of tension and stress . Alice did another amazing thing as part of her treatment - she told me that I had the ability to ‘let go’ and heal my heart. That was such a gift! And I felt empowered as well as ‘emotionally lighter’. My physical pain also reduced significantly within 12 hours of her treatment. It is such an incredibly soulful experience with Alice- she brings her unique aura to her treatments, which is something that I have never experienced with any other reiki therapist or healer before. Healing with Alice is a sacred and divine experience- I never want it to end. After the session I felt calmer, emotionally lighter, empowered, grounded, special and loved'.


Dawn Ford, 54, Hereford UK  (energy healing for an emotional block and pain)

'Alice is passionate and knowledgeable and shares her gift with others, she guided me thoroughly and allowed me the space to explore the emotions that came up for me. I would highly recommend working with or learning from Alice. I felt capable to practice, l felt the energy connect to heal myself and supported and guided throughout'. 

Claire Sambrook, 38, Hereford (Angelic Energy Healing Practitioner course)

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