Heal your skin by healing your relationship with yourself, your heart and soul. How your emotional and spiritual health can affect your skin and what you can do about it.

Holistic skin healing
Holistic skin healing

Healing for rosacea
Healing for rosacea

Before and after energy healing for rosacea

Healing unexplained skin pigmentation
Healing unexplained skin pigmentation

Before and after energy healing and causative diagnosis with dowsing for unexplained skin pigmentation

Holistic skin healing
Holistic skin healing


Every emotion from every experience we have ever had including unhealed trauma passed on and stored in our cells from our parents and ancestors, affects our mind, body, hearts and soul. Often we are born with high levels of emotional toxicity but it's also easy to accumulate throughout our lifetime as we experience a magnitude of trauma. Even those traumas which are not directly our own, our energy and soul is energetically connected to the collective emotional energetic blueprint of humanity and the universe. 

Without going in to details of vibrational science, the laws and evidence of quantum physics shows us that our emotions and thoughts have a specific vibrational frequency and quantum effect on all matter, energy and other living systems within the universe. The vibration of our emotions determines the baseline of our functional health, therefore it's crucial to address our conscious and subconscious emotions in our journey to healing. 

Our skin has many roles and functions in keeping us protected, balanced and is an important indicator of internal toxicity. Most of us are aware that poor diets and consuming / being exposed to toxins such as alcohol, cigarettes, pesticides, fragrance, bleach, heavy metals and pollution have a negative impact on the quality of our skin. However, while these external influences certainly have an adverse effect on skin integrity due to chemical toxicity, our overall health including our emotional and spiritual state also plays a significant role in our skin quality and is fundamental to getting that skin GLOW. 

What angry, inflamed skin says about your emotional and spiritual health

Inflamed, red and sore skin such as acne and rosacea can suggest suppressed or trapped anger, fear, heat and inflammation in the body, indicating internal, systemic stress. When we are stressed and in the sympathetic 'fight or flight' nervous system response, we also reduce the amount of blood reaching our skin and thus inhibiting the skin's repair pathway and skin barrier, further preventing the skin's ability to also keep hydrated and produce renewed, healthy cells. In addition to stress, those with acne, rosacea and other skin issues may find that external toxins such as hormone disruptors and chemicals found in cosmetics, processed foods, drinks, medications, washing powder, beauty and cleaning products can be flooding their system and wreaking havoc internally.


Our emotions govern our entire bodily systems as well as the thoughts in our mind and connect us to the deepest inner guidance of our soul. Anger, shame, guilt, resentment, jealousy, fear and low self worth are all emotions which can present physically as skin issues and weaken your connection with your higher self. Often we feel shame and low self worth as a consequence of skin issue too, so it can cause this cycle to go on and on for years without healing these root causes. Just like a chemical detox, we must release our toxic emotions, heal traumas and negative beliefs and reestablish our spiritual connection in order to finally heal our skin and the way we show up to the world. 

What dull, lifeless skin says about your emotional and spiritual health

When we're feeling stagnant in life, unmotivated, unexcited, low in energy, depressed, ashamed or guilty we have a marked reduction in our energetic vibration and energy flow; our life force energy. This impacts everything from our lymphatic system to metabolism, endocrine system to digestion. We may wake up exhausted, gain weight, become constipated or feel uninterested in life. Likewise, an overstimulated mind and body or one which has the frequency of guilt, shame and fear can creates symptoms such as anxiety, gas and bloating, malnourishment and insomnia. Spiritually you don't feel peaceful, abundant, aligned or connected with your intuitive power. Emotionally you're struggling, spiritually you're unfulfilled and disconnected and your skin tells the same story looking grey, thin and dull. If you are emotionally and spiritually deprived it can result in poor sleep, imbalanced hormones, high blood pressure, digestive and skin issues to name a few and the likelihood of engaging in behaviours which can further damage our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Emotional and spiritual healing takes time but it restores your relationship with yourself, your belief in your ability to heal and trust your inner guidance and free you from trapped emotions and stored trauma in your body, heart and soul. This deep healing has a profound effect on your physical body's innate capacity to heal and to restore and maintain homeostasis. Regular practice of emotional and spiritual self healing also significantly increases your stress threshold to future trauma and toxins. 


Skin Healing Coaching Programme

I offer a bespoke 3 month skin healing programme to teach you powerful holistic healing tools and protocols to finally heal your emotional and spiritual health and heal your skin with vibrational medicine starting from £450

which includes:

- An in-depth consultation and history

- Causative diagnosis with dowsing assessment and report

- Deep emotional and spiritual healings

- Energetic clearing of toxic beliefs and trapped emotions

- Holistic nutrition and lifestyle protocol

- Your skincare detox plan

- Personalised meditation recording

- Weekly reviews

- Your bespoke holistic skin healing gift box including

crystals, essential oils and skincare worth over £200

To find out more or to book your free introductory consultation please email contact@alicelapeta.com or follow the link below.