My skin story

When I was around 18 months old I began to show symptoms of mild eczema behind my knees and between my thighs. It would heal and come back again for several years throughout primary school. I remember itching so much it would bleed and keep me from sleeping at night or being able to concentrate at school. It stopped by the time I got to secondary school, however I developed acne around the age of 14 which has been persistent ever since although it progressed much worse in my 20's. 

It's important to also note certain significant traumas in my life which I believe have had a direct impact on my health and wellbeing and possible causative factors to my skin issues. 


At three years old I had a significant physical traumatic accident which resulted in hospitalisation and surgery. Of course this was a traumatic event at the time but the lifelong impact has also been pretty substantial. I experienced bullying at school and an inadequacy I have carried in to my adult life feeling 'not enough', and so scared that I could be perceived as a bad person too. All emotionally charged experiences which have probably had a big effect on my internal beliefs, state of all my subtle energy bodies, caused soul trauma and my skin issues. 

Then there was further bullying at school, feeling failure and the loss of self accomplishment at school and university, heartbreaks, grief and anger from being cheated on, trauma from a police incident with a harassing, ex the list goes on. 


It wasn't just skin issues I have experienced either. Excessive and irregular periods, severe anxiety, allergies and food intolerances, gut problems, fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, chronic UTI's, recurrent tonsilitis, loss of hair, back pain, nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure and depression.


Previous unresolved trauma and unhealed emotions also influenced toxic behaviours such as heavily binge drinking in my teens and early twenties, smoking, sleepless nights writing university assignments last-minute fuelled with caffeine and sugar, irresponsible spending on credit, prioritising everyone's needs before my own and doing little to no self care. My negative lifestyle choices have put added pressure on my body to detox efficiently, maintain balance and heal. 

Around 22 when I got back from Bali after an amazing solo trip my skin erupted and I had persistent breakouts for the next six years. I suffered emotionally with several periods of severe anxiety, depression and low self esteem because of it. It regularly affected my confidence and I would have to force myself to leave the house and meet friends as I knew the detrimental effects it could develop in to if I allowed myself to be completely consumed by it. I still avoided social events or those I did attend, I would constantly be aware of the lighting and making attempts at hiding my face or those particularly 'unattractive' breakouts from others. It was exhausting. 

Skin issues are among some of the most complex health issues and this isn't all of it for me. On top of this is the toxicity from medications, chemicals in products and foods, radiation etc. 

This list isn't here to scare or overwhelm you, but an example of what our bodies try to cope with over our lifetime so far. Our bodies are phenomenal healing systems and respond remarkably well to removing toxins, stress and shifting energy within. 

Treatment-wise I have tried everything from restrictive diets (gluten, dairy and sugar free, no alcohol, no night-shades, no soy) to colonics, infrared saunas and light therapy, prescribed creams, gels, antibiotics, retinols and acids to lymphatic drainage. The only things which have made significant difference is keeping gluten and dairy low/out, detoxing what I put on my skin, increase the quality of my body and soul nourishment, more water, meditation, self healing and releasing my fears and energetic blocks. Basically lots of self care, love, forgiveness for how I've punished myself and felt shame because of my skin for so many years among other things and quality nourishment and skincare

My healing journey has been incredible. In the pursuit of healing my skin I have found my life's purpose in energy healing and vibrational medicine, reconnected with my soul, awakened my intuition, forgiven wholeheartedly, released shame and guilt, learnt how to unconditionally love myself and others and release any negative beliefs I held within myself about my body and soul worth.