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I work through an intuitive heart-led approach to healing. I believe that all healing is first a healing of the heart and soul. That fundamentally the majority of disease, mental health imbalances and toxic lifestyle behaviours have derived from an imbalance, block or suppression of negative emotions, toxins and stress in our lives. My practice focuses on emotional and soul healing with additional support from Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle guidance to restore harmony within.


My integrated approach to natural, energy-based healing empowers you and gives you the tools to reconnect and align with your mind, body and hearts for deep healing in all aspects of your life. I hold space for your to relearn unconditional love, channel intuitive wisdom and support you in connecting compassionately with your soul. Your personalised and bespoke coaching is designed to create a multitude of powerful transformations and shifts within, fill your heart and soul with love, awaken your consciousness, reignite your inner light and blissfully elevate your vibration!

My professional medical journey started when I graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science in 2013 contributing to a deep understanding of complex health issues and their origins. After three years working in allopathic healthcare I decided to re-train in alternative medicine shortly after experiencing periods of intense stress and anxiety causing poor physical health whilst studying my Masters’ degree. I believe this increase in stress was my catalyst for an eruption of physical symptoms after years of accumulated soul wounds, heartbreak and self neglect through unhealthy coping mechanisms.


I found a calling to explore my spiritual connection which revealed the natural-born intuitive healer within me, lover of crystals, essential oils and natural medicine. I began to meditate, practice yoga and trained in Reiki and crystal healing. My symptoms were significantly improved after self healing and choosing natural nourishment as I started to listen to my body, my emotions and what was going on internally. I was then drawn to the truly holistic and heart-led philosophy of Ayurveda, later graduating from the Ayurveda Institute UK.

The last five years my alternative medicine and spiritual healing practice has grown and I’ve been fortunate to treat an extensive range of conditions from mental health, skin and digestive issues to fertility, chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions.  All have significant emotional root causes.  My favourite part of working with each client is seeing a huge shift in their emotional wellbeing and confidence as they begin to heal themselves from a soul level and how this has a profound effect on their physical health too. My purpose isn’t to treat, but to nurture, educate and empower clients with such profound and intuitive tools to heal themselves in a safe and loving space. This enables them to continue to hold that wisdom and apply it to their lives whenever they need healing in the future.

My healing and spiritual journey is continually evolving and I am always learning to bring the best healing protocols to my clients. When I’m not running sessions, healings or training I’m running healing and wellbeing workshops, talks and planning powerful healing retreats in the near future with some incredible collaborators! 

Come and join the heart and soul healing movement in my tribe!

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With love, 

Alice x