Causative diagnosis & treatment with vibrational medicine, intuitive coaching & energy healing


The most powerful force we have is self love...


I am an intuitive energy healer, vibrational medicine practitioner, Ayurvedic nutrition & lifestyle consultant and Angelic Healing teacher.  I look at what needs healing from deep within the heart and soul through the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels.


My holistic practice is guided by your soul, your subtle energies and chakra system; how the energy is flowing and interacting with your systems, thoughts, emotions, stored memories, food, hormones and your external  environment. I discover energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, accumulated toxins, pathogens, unresolved traumas, unmet needs and stress within the body and soul, far beyond the awareness of the conscious mind and the human eye. Treatment is supported with nourishing protocols and high vibrational healing tools to neutralise harmful frequencies, heal traumas of the heart and soul and restore harmony within. 

 Love is the most healing vibration in existence yet we block ourselves from it constantly because of fear. We have become so far removed from our natural state of self love and inner peace. We try everything in the hope of healing, except surrendering to our most precious and infinite resource of love. The most sacred element of my practice is holding space for you to deeply heal, relearn unconditional love, forgive, channel innate wisdom and support you in connecting compassionately with your soul. Your personalised and bespoke sessions are designed to create a multitude of powerful transformations and shifts within. You will fill your heart and soul with love, awaken your powerful intuition, reignite your inner light and blissfully elevate your vibration for abundance, wellbeing, health and happiness in all areas of your life!

Treatments & Services

Heart Healing Coaching Programme 12 Weeks

Heart healing nurtures our most sacred energy system of the body and soul; releasing old wounds, destructive behaviours, limiting beliefs and trapped energy. 

Skin Healing Coaching Programme 12 Weeks

Set yourself free from emotional and spiritual blocks, detox your body and empower yourself with transformational intuitive healing for the clear skin, confidence and GLOW you have been waiting for!

Higher Guidance Dowsing for Health & Curative Diagnosis

Dowsing is the process of vibrational diagnostics through the connection of two people's energies (in person or remotely), channelling responses under the guidance of your soul and body's subconscious intelligence. 

Angelic Healing Practitioner Training

Learn how to use your power as a spiritual empath and strengthen your intuition to harness the magic of soul alchemy and access unlimited healing for yourself and others. 

Holistic Wellness Consultation & Personalised Plan

Exploring health priorities, wellness goals and natural solutions

Angelic Reiki

Energy Healing

Powerful healing and higher guidance to restore balance and emotional wellbeing.  Energy healing reduces internal stress and supports the body's recovery with emotional trauma, spiritual physical illness and injury.

'When the energy is high and when there is love, healing happens automatically'

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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